Houstonia Magazine

Houstonia Magazine featured us in their recent article celebrating National Ice Cream Month! We're pumped to be listed among our peers. Thanks for the shout out!

Known for fresh, seasonal flavors of handmade frozen custard, Honeychild’s Sweet Creams is a high-quality Houston brand that can be found at local farmers markets and select grocers. Frozen custard differs from ice cream in that it is much creamier thanks to additional egg yolks in the recipe. Die-hard ice cream fans will truly enjoy a taste of Honeychild’s Sweet Creams, as flavors are ever-changing with the seasons and a heavy focus is placed on using only organic foods.
— Megha Tejpal, Houstonia Magaine

Buttermilk Pie

You gotta taste our take on this southern classic. It has just a hint of buttermilk and the homemade crust is blended right in. It's a year-round best seller for a reason, yall. 

Our buttermilk pie frozen custard is made with fresh, local ingredients including milk, buttermilk, cream, raw cane sugar, egg yolks and pie crust — flour, butter and salt.


What's a dewberry? The southern blackberry! 

When we were little, my sisters and I would wander around our family's ranch with five gallon buckets gathering them – mostly to keep us out of trouble. Our grandma would turn our collections into cobbler, pies and jams. 

Naturally, we put our own spin on a family classic. Each batch is made with milk, cream, sour cream, raw cane sugar, egg yolks, dewberries and vanilla.

Black Chocolate

This ain't your average chocolate, yall. Our black chocolate frozen custard is made from black onyx cocoa, so it's more like a dark chocolate without the bitterness. Some even say it reminds them of fudge truffles. Regardless, you gotta try it yourself.

We keep the ingredients simple: milk, cream, raw cane sugar, egg yolks, black onyx cocoa and vanilla. his flavor is a best seller and available year-round. 

Cookies and Cream

Cookies and frozen custard combine to create the ultimate desert. We make the cookies from scratch, chop 'em up and blend 'em in.

Each batch is made with milk, cream, raw cane sugar, egg yolks, chocolate cookies (flour, black onyx cocoa, sugar, butter, organic vegetable shortening, baking soda, baking powder, salt), and vanilla.

Menu of Menus Recap

Big thanks to Houston Press for having us at Menu of Menus! Check out this awesome video of the event featuring yours truly. See ya next year!