Shanah Tovah

We had a darn good idea, yall! With Rosh Hashanah just around the corner, we decided to whip up a limited-edition french toast challah, apple and honey frozen custard. 

Rosh Hashanah is an important holiday, marking the Jewish New Year. One of the common greetings you'll hear during the holiday—which falls this year between sunset on September 13 and nightfall on September 15—is “shanah tovah,” meaning "happy new year" in Hebrew. We also introduced flavors of apples and honey because they're traditional to eat during Rosh Hashanah. 

Houstonia Magazine wrote up an incredibly kind article about what we're doing. Read the full article here. Get some exclusively at Belden's in Meyerland, Urban Harvest, and Galveston's Own Farmers Market.